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Originally Posted by Panope View Post
Full disclosure: I was happy to recover the dink and bring it back to my slip out of the goodness of my heart. When I contacted the owner he revealed that it would be cumbersome for him to retrieve it as he did not own a trailer. He asked if I new someone locally that he could hire to at least get the dink out of the water. It told him that I could do it for a nominal fee. I could tell he already felt bad about my day of sailing being interrupted (I really did not mind). He then said he was planning on giving me $X,000 for the salvage. This was a ridiculous amount of money so I told him for that kind of dough I will deliver the dink to his front door.

The next morning I met the man at his home, launched the dink and he handed me an envelope. Driving home I peeked inside and sure enough, it contained the amount he said he would give for the salvage PLUS another grand for the delivery to his home. I tried hard to "earn" the salvage money but he foiled that plan by giving even more.

The man was a real gentleman. In a follow up email, I told him that when he is in the area I would be happy to take him sailing or to retrieve is tender anytime.

had something similar happen to me this summer....though hard to accept...truly wonderful to feel appreciated that much.

Now I just pass it it forward I guess some might say.....
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