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Originally Posted by jmcdboater View Post
...........And to anyone who would rescue a rogue dink, then load it up and drive two hours to deliver to it's owner- nice job, man!! I have a theory you can't give something like that away..... Somethin' good will come back to you.
Full disclosure: I was happy to recover the dink and bring it back to my slip out of the goodness of my heart. When I contacted the owner he revealed that it would be cumbersome for him to retrieve it as he did not own a trailer. He asked if I new someone locally that he could hire to at least get the dink out of the water. It told him that I could do it for a nominal fee. I could tell he already felt bad about my day of sailing being interrupted (I really did not mind). He then said he was planning on giving me $X,000 for the salvage. This was a ridiculous amount of money so I told him for that kind of dough I will deliver the dink to his front door.

The next morning I met the man at his home, launched the dink and he handed me an envelope. Driving home I peeked inside and sure enough, it contained the amount he said he would give for the salvage PLUS another grand for the delivery to his home. I tried hard to "earn" the salvage money but he foiled that plan by giving even more.

The man was a real gentleman. In a follow up email, I told him that when he is in the area I would be happy to take him sailing or to retrieve is tender anytime.

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