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Originally Posted by Talonewo View Post
Thanks for all the opinions and information. I really don't think it will get to the point of him placing a lien I just wanted to understand the process if it did and and think THD summed it up very well.

As with all issues there are two sides to the story and this tax issue is only a portion of the overall dynamics involved in this situation. All I want to do is move on and start enjoying my boat.
At some point I'd look for the most expeditious exit from the situation. I would be very hesitant to proceed without a lawyer just to make sure you do things right and don't increase your exposure. However, ultimately, a prolonged battle over this is probably not worth the costs involved. The worst thing financially one can do is make a stand based on "principle". That can lead to a standoff that only ends up costing both parties more than if they'd just agreed to some compromise.

Lawyers can give you some initial advice generally quite reasonably. I think within the $200 mentioned. Perhaps write some form letters for a little more. Where lawyers become expensive is the moment litigation or potential litigation comes into play. There's a bit difference in cost between the lawyer who advises clients to avoid court and the lawyer who makes his living in court.
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