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The short of it is, the yard probably already paid the sales tax to the state when they file their monthly or quarterly reports. The state will not get involved in this. They will only take your money for the sales tax if the yard hasn't already paid it because the state will take money from anyone to settle someone else's debt. But if the yard didn't pay the tax, the state would be on their ass and they would be paying a penalty.
Also the state would not be interested in your receipts or anything else. If you want to pay someone elses bill, that's OK. But they wont care why and will not get involved in any way at all.
I think what is happening here is that you bought a used boat from an individual and in La. and Ms. you don't have to pay sales tax for the boat. You are now bundling the yard work with the boat cost to avoid sales tax. maybe you even bought the boat from the yard.
I don't know, I'm just guessing since I don't know the whole story. You possibly could have bought the boat from the very same yard and agreed on the repairs.
Either way, if they did the work, they are required to pay tax and so are you.The best solution is to settle up with the yard and pay them the tax.

Best of luck to you.
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