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Yard placing a Lien on your boat

Does the Coast Guard get both sides of the story before placing a lien on a boat, can/will they place a lien on a boat without discussing it with the boat owner?

A few of you have follow my now two year paint job at a yard in Slidell LA. I have now left the yard but the yard owner is threatening to place a lien on my boat over a dispute about sales tax. I paid cash for the boat and it is registered with the Coast Guard. I assume the yard would start the process by filling paperwork with the Coast Guard, my question is will the Coast Guard come to me for my side of the story before they place a lien on it? When is my "day in court" if you will?

I want this thread to stay focused on the lien process but I'm sure some will ask about the sales tax issue, long story short I told him I will pay the state of Louisiana but not the yard, I requested the state mediate the situation, I told them I would gladly take my emails, invoices, and canceled checks to the state and if they think I need to pay sales tax I would cut them a check and be done with it. All the invoices in question are from 2013.
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