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Plastimo Hard Dinghy

Hi Guys! I'm looking for a hard dinghy to sell in my store. I'm thinking of importing the plastic boats made in France by Plastimo.
I'd really like your opinion on if they would sell in the USA or not.

They make them in four sizes of roughly 7 foot, 8 foot, 9 foot and 10 foot.
The following prices are what I think they would have to sell for in the US.
The sizes shown are rounded up to the next even foot.

PRS210 $675.00 (7 foot)
PRS245 $799.00 (8 foot)
PRD260 $1050.00 (9 foot)
PRD300 $1150.00 (10 foot)

They appeal to me. I really like the looks and that they have a wheel built into the bottom. I can see throwing one on the roof of my car and launching it just about anywhere. The 8 foot would fit nicely across the transom of my Ellis, Possum.

They look like they might row reasonably well and they have a neat way to store the oars aboard.

Here is a link to the Plastimo online catalog. Plastimo

Follow the link, click on the little boat picture on the right of the screen, flip through the pages to page 142.

Tell me what you think. Are they a good value compared to other plastic boats currently available in the USA? Do they look good to your eye?
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