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Originally Posted by LRC58Fan View Post
I'll make it simpler by just quoting the manufacturer stability measurements:

Dashew FPB: "Although the FPB 64 specifications call for 130 degrees this shows ultimate stability remains positive until 150 degrees."

Kadey Krogen 42 Stability: "Range of positive stability.....85 degrees"

Which one would you rather cross oceans on?
Ah, Richard, aka Wxx3, crossed the Atlantic in the Dauntless, a KK 42, so I guess that is his answer.

I happen to like the FPB 64s, except the active stabilization, , but I will never have the money to buy a Dashew boat so it is a moot point. For the price of a FPB 64, I can buy new, two or three of the boats we want to buy. I can sink a couple of boats, not likely I hope, and still spend less money. The stabilization curve is important but it is only one variable in the boat buying decision.

While I like the FPB 64, the larger FPB's just don't look right to me. Of the long, thin trawlers, the FPB 64 is the only one that looks good to me. Very subjective of course, and I can see why some people do not like the looks of a FPB at all.. Steve Jobs boat just looks horrid. When I first saw the photo of Job's boat in this thread, I thought it was an office building, not a boat.

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