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Originally Posted by FF View Post

A 36 ft LWL beach ball will be efficient at about 6K, the same volume in 50 ft LWL skinny boat would be quite efficient at 7K .

Not much speed increase for the huge added dock bills.

But what a ride in Force 9.
Actually - you'd be looking at around 11 to 12 Knots for that 50+ footer long thin design. Here are the actual numbers for the artnautica - and the actual speed / fuel burn graph:

Top speed is over 11 knots on just 75 horsepower.

Fuel burn at 9 knots equates to just .88 litres for each nautical mile or a bit better than 4 miles to the US gallon. Contrast that with the average recreational trawler of similar interior volume that has hell to make 6 knots at that fuel burn.

Drop the speed to a bit over 7 knots and fuel burn drops to .66 litres for each nautical mile or 7 miles to the US gallon–a number that will make the boat not only far more economical than any recreational trawler out there, but also cheaper to own than just about any offshore sailboat of the same volume.


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