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Originally Posted by O C Diver View Post
So Marin, the obvious question then is, if you're not flying for Boeing and had to actually pay full fair like most of us, what class would you be willing to pay for? I imagine the very thought of travel with us common folk back in steerage has to make you queasy.


Business class. Always. However..... it should be said that we (my crew and I) rack up so many frequent flyer miles over the course of a year that we get the bulk of our vacation air fares at very low cost.

The airlines have made it almost impossible to get promotional fare seats when you actually want them. Fortunately most airlines will now let you apply your miles toward the price of a regular ticket. So even if one has to pay something for the ticket, it's not anything near the full fare.

But we always go business. Too many yowling babies in the back. Plus the back of the plane lands a lot later than the front, right?
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