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Originally Posted by LRC58Fan View Post
I'll make it simpler by just quoting the manufacturer stability measurements:

Dashew FPB: "Although the FPB 64 specifications call for 130 degrees this shows ultimate stability remains positive until 150 degrees."

Kadey Krogen 42 Stability: "Range of positive stability.....85 degrees"

Which one would you rather cross oceans on?
If I had to choose one or the other, I'd go with the Kadey. However, personally I'd choose a bigger boat, but I would never choose the Dashew. That doesn't mean there is anything wrong with it. It just means it does not appeal to our tastes or desires at all. It would be nice if Dashew fans would present it as a different concept well executed rather than Dashew as a God. You don't have to put another boat down to build one up. And comparing a 42 to a 64? If you want stability, why not go Elling? They put on a nice little show. There are a lot of consideration in selection of a boat beyond the stability measurements. But I'm not a minimalist, would get claustrophobic trying to sleep on that boat. For many of the reasons I'd have no desire to cross in a sailboat, I wouldn't in a Dashew 64 either.

Think of this. If it was truly the be all end all perfection of boats, wouldn't there be a few thousand or at least a few hundred sold? And don't say he can't make that many. Easy to set up a factory. In reality there is no boat that is for everyone. The greatest selling boat out there has a minuscule total market share.
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