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I can tell you I have a 1979 with twin 3209N Cats.. 217HP each. I run the Columbia river though so I fight the current one way, ride it the other... depending on the day I can set them to 1400 RPM and do 5.5knt up river... and 6.9 the next day.,, and 7.3 the next.. then add anywhere from 1 to 4 knts going down river. All depends on if we are on an ebb tide or not... (yes, the tide affects us all the way up here in Portland)

Burn rate is always about 4.5GPH at that RPM though.

Fastest my boat has ever gone according to PO is on smooth-ish ocean... 16+knts but you could hear the vacuum forming in the fuel tanks as she ran thru 20GPH or so.
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