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Portland survey Californian 42

Originally Posted by tmiller1116 View Post
For Surveyors in the Portland area... depends on what kind of survey you want...

If you are looking for someone who will give you EVERY possible detail that needs attention then contact Alison Mazon or Pat Devlin 503-286-4252

If you want someone who will give you a fairly decent overview in a short time period. (maybe not a full engine mechanical check though) Richard Murray 503-490-0591

I have used both Richard and Pat --- Pat did the survey on my 30 sailboat and took all day --9hours plus! ... Richard did my Californian 42 and took 5 hours. Pat seems to have a little more attention to detail... Alison has a reputation for EXTREME attention to detail but I have never used her personally...

but all of them are accredited...

oh, and I guess that was you I waved to from my Californian on Sunday
Great news about the tanks. They were a concern of mine. I talked with Alison today and she was checking your thread for info. She thought this boat may a been built in Taiwan. She tried to find it on the coast guard site to verify the builder first. Thank you so much for the info so far. The windows are wood framed though. I looked closely for leakage but could not see anything drastic.
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