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Originally Posted by Edelweiss View Post
Oh one other thing. . . If you didn't already see it while reviewing some of the other topics, The aft cabin windows in the LRC are the only weak point in the boat. The old wood frame windows were 9 feet long and with the vibration of the twin diesels, you couldn't hardly keep them sealed and eventually they will leak.

So if this boat hasn't already had them replaced with aluminum or fiberglass framed windows, keep a thousand dollars in the bank to replace them. The company that can do them right and has the templates is right across the river from Portland in Vancouver, Wa. Peninsula Glass. If you need it, I have the phone number.
I would love to get the #. The boat is right on the island under the bridge there. Hyden island or Tomahawk island. I would like to get some things done prior to heading north in April.
Thank you.
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