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Monk 36 owners -- H20 tanks?

OK, so after getting everything fixed and hauled out over the winter, and dealing with stuffing box issues, and Spring is finally almost here...

I crawled back behind the master cabin to finally identify where the H20 tanks were and where the valves were.** I have three where I thought I had two.* Although I have three clearly marked "water" fill caps aft, I figured two of those led to one big tank, for convenience -- what kind of 36 foot boat has three water tanks?* Well mine does.* The question is this:

Why did they put the third small tank in?* it holds maybe 20 gallons while the port and starboard main tanks both must hold at least 100 gallons each.*

How should the valves be configured?* Should I open the port and starboard mains and let them drain equally and save the 20 gallon tank as a reserve?* As it was set when I got to it, the port tank was open along with the reserve, and the starboard tank was closed.* When I have chartered, they always told me to run one until it gurgles, then close the valve and then open the valve on the next tank.*

These valves are a real pain to get to, and we typically don't use that much water, so I guess what I'm asking is how should I configure all the valves for the least amount of work?
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