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My grandfathers 40' was pressed into patrol duty as well. Be careful about introducing your grandkids to boat building, that's how I got introduced to boating. I have been afflicted with boats my whole life as a result.
I've had the opportunity to work with some of the shop tools from the Stevens yard. Ladds has Stevens ship saw and shaper. These are still being used today make frames and planks. The ship saw is a large band saw that has a stationary horizontal table and the band wheels and sawblade tilts on an axis near the table surface. This allows you to push a very large timber across a horizontal surface and adjust the angle of the cut as you feed the material through the saw. It takes two skilled shipwrights to do this as the saw has to be adjusted at the same time as the material is fed through the saw. I've used this saw to cut a replacement stem and keel for that 57 Chris a few years ago. It's a truly unique saw. Stevens legacy is a very important part of the Delta, their boats have stood the test of time. There are two beautiful examples that grace the dock just across the narrow Sacramento river from my boat. The Contessa and Miss 102, both beautifully maintained, what a joy to wake up and see them in the morning light.
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