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Originally Posted by Marin View Post
This is my notion of the perfect cruising boat (minus the armament) and the perfect cruising boat engine. It is so foreign to what Eric views as the perfect boat and boat engine that it's not even on the same planet. But my belief in what a boat should be is no more or less valid than Eric's or anyone else's.

And yes, Eric, I know exactly why this hull is designed the way it is and exactly why it works.
Wifey B: Now that's one freaking weird boat. You must have celebrated the win yesterday too It it's not too much trouble can I ask what the heck that is?

Just proves though that before you can even evaluate a boat you have to know it's purpose. I like speed. Lots of it. On the lake we had a perfect boat, a 30 ft bowrider that would run 55 knots. Definitely not for the coast so we sold it and started over when we moved.

People laugh at our tenders which are jet ribs capable of 30-40 knots. But we don't use them as shuttles to shore. We get out and explore. Some days we'll cover like a couple hundred miles in a rib. Boy did we have fun doing that in Washington, especially around some of the islands. Fun in Alaska too. But they'd be like insane for someone who just uses them to take the dog to shore to pee or anchors and then goes to the dinghy dock and that's all.
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