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Originally Posted by manyboats View Post
If the GB 36 w the single FL120 won't cruise (as in dosn't have the power) at very near hull speed then it is an inappropriate engine (relative to power) or an inappropriate hull design..
A GB36 with a single FL120 easily exceeds hull speed by a bit in cruise (8 knots) and will do more than that if pushed. It won't go as fast as a GB36 with two FL120s (we get about 11 knots or so with our two FL120s at WOT and the props that we have), but it will probably do 9 or 10 knots depending on the prop. However nobody in their right mind will run the engines this way.

But late model GB36s with their more powerful engines (one or two, it doesn't matter) are often cruised at 12 knots, particularly by charter folks who don't have to foot the fuel bill.
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