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I'm almost shocked by your post BandB.

You and others have read into my posts things that definitely aren't there.

My "issue" is boats that have a very inappropriate amount of power only as it relates to their hull design. I'm not selling any speed to run for anybody or how much power to put into their boat.

If the GB 36 w the single FL120 won't cruise (as in dosn't have the power) at very near hull speed then it is an inappropriate engine (relative to power) or an inappropriate hull design. So it must do something a FD 36' boat won't do to justify it's hull design or amount of power w it's existing SD hull. If it can cruise above hull speed w the FL then in my mind or opinion that would justify the FL or/and the hull design.

But if it won't even make hull speed the justification for it's configuration isn't there. That would make it an inappropriate design. Then it should have either more power or a FD hull.

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