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Originally Posted by manyboats View Post
Many wonderful designs be it a boat or an ice scraper fall short in the marketplace that is hugely influenced by subjective emotions, styles and personal tastes. What's below the WL means little to most here but it's the real deal to me. I really liked several trawlers before I saw them undressed on the hard.
I don't know whether to find that statement insulting or find it humorous. Of course sales are influence by subjective views. You refuse to acknowledge that yours are equally subjective and emotions and personal tastes. There is no absolute measurement of what is best. It's all subject to how we each measure it, based on our personal preferences. If I set a minimum of 2 nmpg as the key measurement then my boats flunk. If I set a minimum of 15 knots then yours does.

Then to add that what is below the WL means little to most here but it's the real deal to you. Well, it's important to me, but that doesn't put me with a 35 hp Yanmar. Just because we reach different conclusions doesn't mean one of us is right and one wrong.

I respect those like you who love the boats you have and find 6-7 knots very acceptable. I think your boat is great in it's way. But whether you mean to or not you do come across as feeling that you are superior and smarter because you choose the boat you do.

Why can't you accept that there are thousands of different boats and just as many different tastes in boats and all those are fine and good. Yes, even the person out there who has a 90 knot capable Nortech or Fountain. Their boat is great in achieving their goal. I think Mark's Coot is an incredible boat just as I do your Willard. Not our choice but a very nice boat. I would never put down another's boat, nor would I ever put down a person for preferring a different boat.
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