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Marin of course I believe what I believe. How else could it be? And RT a lot of guys agree w Marin. Me most of the time and often profoundly so. Especially when he talks about worldly matters whereas some of us have seen little of the world (me) and here on TF often look through Marin's eyes.
And I had no idea (before this thread) how much most here disdain 6 knots. Actually find it intolerable. That means Mark and I have more in common than I thought.
Many wonderful designs be it a boat or an ice scraper fall short in the marketplace that is hugely influenced by subjective emotions, styles and personal tastes. What's below the WL means little to most here but it's the real deal to me. I really liked several trawlers before I saw them undressed on the hard.

Every boat has a speed or more accurately put a speed range. Very narrow for FD boats and becoming wider as speed increases.

To again take a poke at what I'm talking about let's take a look at the GB 36 single. What is usually it's top speed? And what is it's displacement? To hear form several would be preferable.

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