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Originally Posted by manyboats View Post
Marin you're notion that everybody wants to plow along as fast as you is more correct than wrong but misses the mark by a mile thinking everyone's like you. But the market shows you're more right than wrong.

The market shows he's far more right than wrong and that's really where you miss the point, that you're in the huge minority. Most power boaters do not want to run 7 knots for many reasons and it has nothing to do with cars, it has simply to do with preference of speed on the water. You post the theoretical hp required, very informative from a technical and engineering aspect, but people don't buy based on technical data and an engineer's perspective. I've asked the question of engineers many times when they had an improvement on a product that only cost a small amount, "How are you going to market this added value?"

Personally the slowest boat we've ever owned cruises at 20 knots and WOT is 25 knots. Now we also understand on a trawler forum we're even further out of the mainstream than you are. But that's fine. We have our preferences and don't try to push them onto others. Frankly, we felt we were slowing down greatly as our last boat when we lived on the lake ran around 55 knots. Now we do occasionally run 15 knots, even 12 knots. Especially 12 at night. But 7 knots has never crossed our mind.

And I'm sure you'd have even greater issue with our ribs.
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