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Both of my favorite boats are SD so I haven't got my head in the sand and I'll admit I went overboard a bit looking for a 1gph boat. I realize now (especially now) that 2gph would be really fine.
Earlier I criticized the GB and got some pissed at me (especially Marin) by calling it a "bad design". I should have chosen other words like flawed design or a power platform that's not ideal. At any rate if the flaw was very significant I would not consider buying them and I could easily buy a 36 or 32 if moorage fees were not so high.
And I'm not sure how much the efficiency of the Willard drew me to buy one but even more important is that I think the W30 is just a really good designed boat. Do I like the plastic windows ..NO .. Do I like the steel in concrete ballast .. NO. and there are other features I'm not fond of.
Can't say I've changed my mind about the power in the GB or others like it but as a flaw it's not a big one and I appologize to any GB owners that were offended by my bad words.

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