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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
And pay more for dockage, hauling, space issues...etc..etc.....

Plus the are few out there and no where the price of what many can afford....

There may be a few... but not many....

Low resistance boats have been around a long time..nothing new....just new marketing.

Buying what you want and running it economically is what most do...saying fuel or any other particular boating cost is a particular percentage is conditional...not universal.

The thing I see about LDL boats is that they lend themselves to home build with stich and glue composite build. Since they are simple and light with small motors not so expensive to build or run. Yes the added length will cost more at a dock but many do a lot of cruising on the hook and the fuel savings would possibly balance out the other added costs of length. What the LDL can not do is make a good cottage on the water. On an LDL you and the admiral will know you are on a boat.
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