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If I were a wise person, I'd probably not add a comment to this thread, but my rationale is different from many here while resembling many.

My Tiara is a deep V, full planning hull that will do 31kts at wot and burn 46gph while doing so. She also haas a 14'6" beam and very stable (especially for a deep V). Is this a long range cruiser? When I throttle back to 8.6 kts (hull speed) I am burning 4.7gph combined using both engines. Our range at hull speed is 838 miles (maintaining 20% reserve). With the build quality of this boat and how she is equipped, I would not hesitate to cruise anywhere within her range, including through the Panama canal, or even further, thus making her an excellent (for us) cruising boat.

For those whose SD hulls allow 16 or so kts, you understand the "need for speed" when get home in bad weather matters. Since we are retired time is not critical for trips. What is critical is my viability and the number of years I have left to cruise comfortably. I am in my 70's and a recent cancer survivor. That is a wake up call for more speed.

Many times our purchase and life decisions are based on perceived value. This value may be different for many people, hence the proliferation of so many designs.
This opinion is worth what you paid for it :)

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