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Marin you're notion that everybody wants to plow along as fast as you is more correct than wrong but misses the mark by a mile thinking everyone's like you. But the market shows you're more right than wrong.

Al, your comparing a hull more like a planing hull to a SD hull that falls about in the middle between a planing hull and a FD hull. Not apples to apples. So yes .. the Californian needs more power per ton of displacement.
Sailboatx go slow because they designed for the power they have .... very little. And most power boaters have a problem w 6 knots because of their automotive heritage.

And the automotive notion that you can't have too much power enters into this a lot.

And yes a huge part of this is that the boats are bought new and those owners nearly always have plenty of money for buying fuel. And later on the boats wind up in the hands of the poor ... so to speak.

But w a FD boat you need "X" amount of power. Any more and it's a waste of power or you're forced to run forever underloaded or overdrive your boat.

But my post #4 is still 100% true.

Interestingly if I was buying a GBS 36 I wouldn't even look at a twin .... though I prefer twins. I would want to run it 7 knots and I'm not a fan of under loading engines. I would wish it had twin 40hp engines like I've got in Willy and the stern modified into a FD shape. Getting out the sawsall and modifying the stern would be fun ..... but a big job for this old guy.

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