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Originally Posted by tcpip95 View Post
I'm looking for a boat that will allow the two of us to travel around from FL to Bahamas, to Turks & Caicos, then possibly hop down to St. Somewhere and on to Barbados, and the ABCs.

Wife really likes the Cruisers Yachts 48' Sedan (here's an example of one): 2005 Cruisers Yachts SEDAN Power Boat For Sale -

I'm a little concerned that the dipped bow on this could get stuck in a following sea or in some offshore waves/weather (read similar critiques of Sea Rays having a similar problem) resulting in water coming over the top.

Anyone have any experience with these - and in particular this problem?
I'm just guessing at least 40 gals hr at 20kts, or 2 gals per mile.

Please tell me you own an oil well!
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