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Second Hmason on the 3116/3126: These engines in trawler service do very well. In sportfish and fast boat applications where run at high power settings, they have had problems. Don't buy one that has been run hard. I find them to be some of the nicest running engines out there. And some boats are discounted due to these engines.

I run a Cummins 6CTA 450, it is 15yr old and abt 3000hrs, been flawless. 6BT, 6BTA also have a very good rep and are everywhere. But not that common in trawlers.

Any Cummins with a Q prefix is an electronic engine. The electronics spooked us at first, but have proven to be quite reliable.

3208 rated at 375hp or less, very good engine.

C-series cats are like the Q-cummins, electronic. Generally good.

Volvos and Yanmars and MAN and MTU- good engines but parts prices will kill you. Also some head scratching design features that drive you nuts. All engines have things like that, but just fewer on Cat and Cummins.

John Deere, Lugger- good stuff. Just not that many examples in my area to report on.
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