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Engine(s)-part of locating the "Right Boat"

I am still in the process of looking for our "right boat".
Mission is to cruise the PNW including Inside Passage. Looking at 45'-55' pilothouse type-single or twin engines.
Part of my process is evaluating the engines for desirability, reliability, cost of operation and so forth. I consider myself a little short on first hand knowledge.
I understand that a lot of how an engine in a used boat will perform is based on how it was previously used and maintained.
My shopping, talking and poking around the internet have led me to some general thoughts and would like some feedback to see how close to correct I might be. I also realize there are a lot of opinions involved here and most will be better than mine.

These are generalities:

Lugger/John Deere-desirable engines-reliable, economical

Cummins VT-555 parts expensive and difficult to get
Cummins 6BT and 6CT-good engines, run well
Cummins Q series-newer, good-can run slow for economy w/o a problem

Caterpillar 3208 Good, reliable-better with less HP squeezed out
Cat 31xx series not highly desirable
Cat C Series-newer, similar thoughts to Cummins Q

Detroit x-53, x-71 are repairable, rebuildable, reliable but a little loud and a little messy. Better the less HP you squeeze out.

Detroit DDEC-avoid--less reliable parts availablity difficult

Detroit 4 stroke diesel--don't know but not many there

MAN-a lot in some Bayliners/Meridians--don't know

Volvo-don't know

I forgot these:
Lehman-the 120 & 135-economical, reliable and parts available

Perkins-reliable, some better than others

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