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RE: Electric bike by VW

Marin wrote:"My main problem with the Prius and the reason I would never buy one is that it is just so incredibly butt-ugly (sorry Seahorse, but it is).* I don't know why everything that's "environmental" has to look like it was designed by Hellen Keller.* There's no reason sheet metal can't be bent aesthetically around a hybrid drive system."
Precisely my objection, and to prove it, the hybrid Camry is exactly like the normal non-hybrid model, so they can do it if they want to.* So why did they have to make the Prius look so weird?* (Sorry Walt, but it does).* Clearly they did it on purpose with the Prius, and one can only conjecture as to how many more they might have sold if it had a more sexy/purposeful/racey/or even orthodox, look.* Instead it is none of the above.* But I can believe it is nice to drive and ride in.

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