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RE: Electric bike by VW

SeaHorse II wrote:
I have heard of a guy in Manhattan, NY that uses a Prius as a taxi
STITA taxi service in Seattle has a fleet of Priuses.* I don't think they bought them voluntarily but as the result of a city ordinenace or something that mandated the fuel economy* or emissions or sometthing of taxi companies.* I could be wrong on that, but I seem to recall that was the reason for the purchase.

Several of my co-workers have Priuses, some of them quite new, and I've ridden in them although I've never driven one.* I don't have anything against the concept at all although I think there are better alternatives coming, and they are quite nice on the inside.* My main problem with the Prius and the reason I would never buy one is that it is just so incredibly butt-ugly (sorry Seahorse, but it is).* I don't know why everything that's "environmental" has to look like it was designed by Hellen Keller.* There's no reason sheet metal can't be bent aesthetically around a hybrid drive system.

Yes, I'm aware of the Tesla but for the price of one of them I could feed a Ferrari (if I had one) for the rest of my life.

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