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I have a fairly aggressive diamond anti skid. I don't use abrasives at least not initially. I always try other methods first before getting out scouring pads or abrasive media.

Try a solvent like paint thinner first to remove whatever can be removed. There are other stronger solvents but they may damage the gelcoat so first the paint thinner.

I might even try spray brake cleaner HOWEVER, although I have used it around the boat I have NOT used it for this. Try it first in some area that won't be seen. I also spray it on a rag rather than directly and wipe at it. The wash it thoroughly with dish detergent

I have also found that a CLEANER wax such as Seapower liquid wax does a good job of removing marks, stains, without abrasives. It seems to have more solvent in it than many other good cleaner waxes so does a better job of removal. Of course that's at the expense of less wax in it but you want the removal ability.

Then use something like dishwashing detergent and a stiff bristle brush. Dishwashing detergent is designed to cut grease and should get any remainder taaking off the cleaners also.

Keep in mind that the sun will also take care of any faint mark left by the above but it will take a bit of time.

If you go with another cleaner such as household cleaner sprays , may I strongly suggest, having a ready at hand hose for immediate wash off. Some household spray cleaners will damage and cause stains to gelcoat worse than what you have now so be carefull if you go that route.
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