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RE: Radar reflectors

RT Firefly wrote:*** Question:* Does having your OWN radar on make you more visible to other radars?
I don't believe so.* I think I've seen discussions about this elsewhere and the conclusion was that it doesn't.* This is why there are transponders for airplanes, which are signal transmitters that are triggered by being "hit" with a radar beam that broadcast a signal defined by the number the flight crew dials into the transponder.* This data then shows up on the air traffic controllers' radar*display*and helps distinguish one generic "blip" from another.

Another example is a Racon buoy.* Around here these buoys are used to mark important intersections or turning points of shipping channels.* They transmit a distinct signal that is picked up by*the radar on* your boat as a pattern unique to that buoy.

But if we are cruising along and there is another boat out in front of us or wherever, the reflected signal from it on our display does not change if he turns his radar on or off.* We've tried this when cruising with friends and the reflected signal as shown on our display did not change.* We have a Furuno NavNet VX2 with a 24" enclosed antenna.* It may be that there are radar sets out there that do display a different return if that target has a radar turned on, but I'm not aware of them.*

I beleive a vessel (or plane) has to be broadcasting a separate signal, automatically or triggered, in order to affect the target you see see on your display.

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