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Originally Posted by ranger42c View Post
Not sure I can understand how a vector chart can be inherently more accurate than a raster chart.
They aren't. As I understand it, vector charts are created by digitizing data from paper charts. As such, there is a risk of inaccuracy if mistakes are made in the digitizing process. That's why if one prefers the flexibility and user advantages offered by vector charts it's important to use vector charts created by a reputable and proven company.

This is why we have selected C-Map charts for the plotters on all our boats. The plotter manufacturers we use are Furuno, Standard Horizon, and Echotec (no longer in business).

The reasons we prefer vector charts have to do with their flexibility of use as I've described earlier in this thread. To us, vector charts have rendered raster charts into the equivelent of stone tablets in terms of user-friendliness, variety of information, and ease of use.

The vast superiority of properly designed vector charts like C-Map is all about what they make possible operationally, not their accuracy which, if they are digitized correctly, is identical to raster or paper charts. They can be as accurate as raster charts, but I see no way they can be more accurate.
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