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Originally Posted by Ski in NC View Post

On a couple custom engine builds, I used the oil filter sandwich cooler adapter to divert oil to a sea water cooler. The sandwich has a bimetal thermostat that only diverts flow once oil gets hot. The thing looked a bit like chicken sh!t engineering when I bought it, but in three installs, they worked perfectly. Oil temps kept controlled, albeit at a lower temp than I liked. Good oil temp is around a constant 200-220, these kept around 180F.

Lehmans running hull speed tend to overcool the oil, often just around 150F. The pancake adapter might be an option there.
I have an oil cooler on my Lehman I have been planning to replace (age). I run water temp around 170-175. I am also planning to pull my heat exchanger and de-scale. All of these will be my rookie first-effort*, but seem reasonably straight-forward. Now you have me thinking about an oil temp sensor...

(*I work slowly, anxiously, and methodically, remembering Murphy!)

We're in the same town. Any time you might need a free apprentice, send me an IM. Happy to pay tuition in labor or beer.
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