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[QUOTE=Andy G;291204]
Originally Posted by Art View Post
"Starting one way then finding another we like better" can run the gambit in human lives...

Especially regarding enjoyment... aboard pleasure boats and other super fun locations. - Wink, Wink!![/QUOTE]

Careful Art or you may find yourself falling into the nefarious clutches of the salacious secret society otherwise known as OTDE.
Andy - All meant in clean jest; of course!

Outtake, slightly paraphrased words in first paragraph are basically a straight on quote.

Words pleasure and enjoyment are allowed in church sermons!

Wink, Wink was simply because I had something lodged in my eye, from smacking my forehead too often!

Throw me to the wolves of OTDE if you must... but be appraised... I like wolves, we can get along just fine!

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