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Livingston 10 Experiences

We're considering a Livingston 10 with a 9.9 Yamaha 4 stroke as a dinghy for our Defever 44. We plan to use it extensively for exploring anchorages and fishing and would greatly appreciate the thoughts of any owners.

On paper it looks ideal for us, but one owner of a 2013 is not satisfied because his LV-10 won't plane with 400 lbs aboard and the prop cavitates a lot. Just wondering if others have had the same experience or have addressed the problem with different engines, props or trim tabs.

This is what I'm most interested in knowing:

-- what year is yours?
-- what engine?
-- does it plane quickly with 2 grown adults?
-- is it mostly a dry ride underway?
-- how does it handle chop?
-- does yours have any options? (Think we'll want seats)
-- could the boat, in your opinion, handle 12 or 15 hp?
-- do you primarily tow it when you're underway?

One final question I have is about how spray or rainwater water drains while it's behind the boat, but not being towed, or in the chocks. Do the drains only work while underway?

Thanks in advance for anything you can share.
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