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I normally just read from "New Posts" and, as such, had not been subjected to OTDE. Subsequent to this thread I did look to see how it was set up and what it was. I didn't have to read any further than the description to know it wasn't for me. I quite honestly do not understand why it's part of Trawler Forum, but as I'm not visiting it, guess it really doesn't matter. The reason I didn't go even to see what was being discussed was that I don't want my view of anyone here altered by seeing their views on those issues. I'm sure some of the discussion is done in a decent manner and perhaps even constructive. But I'm equally sure there is some I'd find very offensive and distasteful. All the more reason I'm glad it's isolated.

Well, at least now I do understand the subject of this thread.

Meanwhile I'm find limiting controversy I'm aware of here to anchors, etc.

Back to the original topic of this thread which I misunderstood before, I don't think splitting it off would make a difference and really don't want to see it elevated above a sub forum. I think the Off topic forum's lack of good activity is just that people tend to come here to discuss boating. Now I do think that we could all initiate some general interest topics there.
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