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Another FL problem

Went on a shake down cruise this weekend and shook down more than expected. On the return trip an engine alarm went off on the starboard engine. Being in a rather narrow channel I just glanced down and it seemed the temperature was a little high so I shut the engine down. Figured we could make it back on one engine and then just start the other one to get into the slip.

Most of the way back, total about 30nm, I thought I smelled something hot. Raised the steps to the engine room but saw no smoke or steam so continued on. To make a long story a little shorter, upon getting back I found the port engine covered in oil on one side, there was even oil on the ceiling of the engine room.

Investigating further it appears that the oil squirted out of the dipstick tube. The dipstick is very hard to insert all the way so I've always let it stick up some to where the little collar on the stick did not cover the end of the tube. There is no oil on the breather hose coming off the valve cover.

What would cause oil to come out of the dipstick tube? I checked the oil before leaving and it was at the fill mark where I usually keep it. The oil at the end of the dipstick looks like it always does, black. Engine temps and oil pressure were normal all the way. The alternator on that engine has been a problem so I had the alternator disabled, assuming I could go by the tach on the starboard engine. The Floscan tach readout read about 1500 RPM but not sure how accurate that was.


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