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Perkins Turbo

I'm running a Perkins T6.354.4M in my Mainship. I was getting puffs of exhaust coming out the joint where the turbo bolts to the exhaust manifold that was getting soot all over the place so I decided to take it off and change the gasket. When i took it off I noticed that the intake side of the turbo was full of sludgy black oil. I always thought that the intake side should be relatively clean. The turbo was rebuilt in 2012 by the PO to the tune of $1,795.00 by Foley Engines. Could it be that the seals are gone in the turbo allowing oil into the intake side of the turbo? Is this why I have been getting blue smoke and a little oily sheen out the exhaust? I'm not a mechanic but I am no stranger to diesel engines. I suppose I'll call Foley on Monday and see if there is any warranty on a rebuild.
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