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Thank You for the pictures and yes it helps out much. The added hatch is pretty cool because I was wondering if you could get plenty of fresh air in there. Sounds like a good place to make a work out space with head and work bench / storage.

Hey is there any way you can post the inside dimentions of the pilot house from the aft wall unto the back side of the captains chair. ( saloon area ) and the width. Some pictures make it look as if it would be do'able but I have watched several video's and it makes my neighbors garden shed look like a mantion. Dont need much room for watching a movie or two but I dont want to feel trapped either.
I also noticed on some 47's the aft deck looks pretty big like 5 foot by beam but on some it tends to look like a foot or two by beam.....

Now then on another topic.......
What is the future of Great Harbor and Trawler making..........Seem's as if it is in the first stages of fading out. I mean NO more GH's.......charter boats sold...... web site NOT updated to match companies plans...........Kind of gives one a leary feeling.....
Thanks Eric for all your help and input
Have a wonderful week
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