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You can do the Inside Passage in a 22 foot Sea Dory and you can do it in a 360 foot super-yacht. Plenty of people have done it both ways and in every conceivable way in between.

So the question is not what size is best for the PNW and Inside Passage but what size will best meet your requirements for what you want your boat to be.

We selected the boat we have today based on build quality, exterior and interior configuration and features, aesthetics, means of propulsion, and value for money. We knew it was ideal for cruising these waters because there are a lot of them up here, and of that "lot of them" many have done the Passage multiple times, some in the hands of their owners and some in the hands of charter customers.

In my opinion, there is no relationship between size and the ability to do the Passage. There is a relationship between size and what you want a boat to be.
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