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Deane, nothing quite like challenging a marriage with the first 3 months on a newly acquired used boat. But, I had my honeymoon on a chartered cruiser on the Hawkesbury, and it survived, for quite a few years.
Buying a boat is a major venture. Used ones are rarely what you expect, there are always unrevealed issues. You definitely need some shakedown cruising first.
Your budget is ok, dimensions are ok, 400 hours is neither here or there on the price of an older boat. It is usually much faster to buy than sell, though some people search a long while for the right boat. I agree a 3 month charter makes much more sense than a buy/sell, but finding it in Sydney, heading to Qld., would be tough. You would have a better chance chartering in Qld. itself. The Seaway 36 is a popular sturdy Qld. charter boat with a good reputation. Your period includes school hols, expect some high charter rates, negotiate a deal for a long charter.
The "Sovereign" is a planing cruiser, not a (semi) displacement boat like the Chung Hwa.
Search online for navigation courses. I think the weather period is ok in Qld., hopefully one of the local guys will comment.
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