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Welcome to the forum!

It would probably be best if some of the Australian members address your questions as boat prices might differ quite a bit from the USA. The same applies to the cruising area.

My thought is you are a little light on the budget and I say that because when you go to sell the boat, there will be selling expenses. In the US, brokerage commissions are typically 10% and then most buyers will have a survey and expect all deficiencies corrected at your expense. Would wager you would be lucky to net $130K from the boat you purchased for $150K. You may get stuck holding the boat for awhile when it goes up for sale. Sometimes selling a boat can take 6 months or longer in the US.

One other minor issue is buying and outfitting cost when you buy the boat. You might be able to find a boat you can just cruise away in but you will want to have it hauled and surveyed and in the US, that expense falls on the buyer.

The trip budget might be doable. 400 hours cruising is probably going to consume 800 gallons of diesel so your fuel cost might be around $3000 or so. You will need to plan on 2-4 oil changes. Also other maintenance items like fuel filters may need changing. On a 30 year old boat, some equipment is going to breakdown and require other maintenance. Then, a lot of your cost will be determined by the life style you choose while cruising.

The 3 month charter sounds like the better option if you can find one. Usually, charters involve newer boats with newer equipment. They are pricey but lower your risks of getting stuck with a boat you can't sell.
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