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East Coast Cruising

Hi All,

I am looking for some guidance and suggestions on the best way to cruise the east coast.

My rough plan is to take 3 months off from mid October 2015 to mid Jan 2016. Departing Sydney and heading north - maybe as far as lizard island.

My experience:
  • I have around 10 years inshore and short coastal sailing experience on a Beneteau 39
  • 8 live aboard dive trips in the last 4 years from Townsville all the way up to Thursday island
  • Lots of experience on smaller motor boats and crossing bars

There will be two of us on the trip and I was planning on daytime transits up the coast. We also plan to have friends join us at various points for a few days.

The boat:
  • I was hoping to pickup a displacement cruiser a few months prior to the trip to set it up for the trip north and then sell it again after I return.
  • I have a mooring that can't accommodate anything over 4.2 meters wide so it would need to be have a beam of less than 4.2 meters.
  • The boat size needs to be under 42 feet (12 meters) as well.
  • Diesel and reliable
  • Range of around 400nm (based on a trip cairns to lizard island and back)

  • I plan to spend a week as a deckhand on the dive charter I use as well as get help from the skipper to deliver the boat when I buy it.
  • Do a first aid course
  • Online navigation course

The trip will actually be for my honeymoon. We are both keen adventurers and would love to see the coast from a different perspective.
We also plan to do some diving (when we are with friends so we can have someone on watch)

* My budget for the boat is $150k - is this realistic? Am I kidding myself I will sell it for around the purchase price after putting 400 hours on it?
* My budget for the trip is $20k
* Is a 3 month charter an option?
* Any other suggestions?
* Any online navigation course suggestions.
* Suggestions on which boat to select?

Boat options:
Any comments on the following?
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