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Thanks for the warm welcome!

I invested in the Lowrance HDS2 10 with the 3g ray dome, mated up with a 1kw Airmar 20/200 transducer. The radar right out of the box showed my surroundings very accurately with no tuning. ( I cant wait to try it on the water) I have it hooked up to a slave HDS2 7M display in the cockpit via a network box. No hassle at all. All in all I am impressed with the Lowrance performance for the price. I fish quite a bit on a boat with the Raymarine 70/80 system, and the Lowrance HDS systems, the Lowrance kick's the Raymarine around the deck on fish finder clarity, radar clarity, and accuracy on the GPS maps function. This is from using both systems side by side. We installed the Lowrance system as a back up, and it almost instantly became the primary tool.

Matt, I know that you have committed to a direction with your electronics, this just represents my experience. I have never used a Garmin or a Furuno system.

For deep salt water fishing the Airmar B260 transducer is a real work horse! I picked one up new from ebay for 250$ US. The plug was cut off, but that was no problem. Their customer service and support is great!

Lowrance just came out with an Auto pilot system for under 1000$ US that is complete. No need to buy a pump, or display to make it work. I will have that on the way in a few weeks. If auto pilot is on you list of stuff to get, Ill let you know how it works.

I know this sounds like a sales pitch, but I have had very good experiences with Lowrance/Simrad/Eagle...... Just never get into a warranty situation, or need to call them for help, because they suck at that!!!!
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