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Re: Someone stole my dinghy!!

When we bought our boat, the dink was a white Avon but painted gray. THe gray paint has worn off in some parts and its a pretty crappy looking dink.
This picture even makes it look good !

At first the wife nagged me to fix it up and make it look better. I refused. I call it my NAVY SEAL dink. I want it to look crappy. The theives are more likely to take a nice dink and a nice looking engine.

I like the idea of removing the engine stickers and putting other stickers on it. That not only discourages theft but makes it easy to spot and positively identify at a distance.
Painting the boat name on the bottom is a great idea too !

Dink theft is common in the Bahamas also in the popular town anchorages.
Hoisting on davits sure does impede the theft process.

When ashore, even if you pulled the engine hood and simply pulled the spark plug wires off the plugs, then replaced the hood, would prevent a quick theft. Remember that a thief never knows who is watching, whether it be the owner or a friend. So they always look for quick and easy.

Daddyo - Glad to hear you got your dink back ! But you gotta know that Annapolis is known for dink theft. Been that way for years....even 25 years ago when I first started going there.

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