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RE: Ideas for our bimini enclosure

Gonzo, I will say that if you boat in really hot areas that even a full enclosure with smileys everywhere will still inhibit the breeze. For optimum use, you would fully uninstall the enclosure in the Spring and then re install it in the fall. If you are implying that you will uninstall/reinstall every time you come down to the boat, that will be a major PIA as well as cause significant wear and tear and zippers and fasteners. Sunchasers last conditional statement may hold true for somebody that keeps their enclosures on 24/7, but EVERYTHING will shrink and expand with changes in temperature. I would NEVER attempt to re install the parts of my enclosure if it is cold outside. You will be incheS short at every junction not to mention the eisinglass will be as stiff as sheet metal. If it is cold outside, lock you gear in your car and crank up the heater for about an hour and then take out each piece as needed.

Colors....I think your color choices are excellent although green pipping may cause it to look a bit busy. I understand your reasoning but just think about it for a bit. I am up to renew my canvas as well and I am fighting the urge to do the same color with navy blue piping....but in the end, I will do solid because I know it will look better. The physical appearance of a boat is all about LINES. When you add piping, you add a bunch of EXTRA lines....just saying something to think may very well look just fine. But most boats I see with piping while looking good at first glance....get tiring on the eyes...IOW, the look gets old quickly in my mind's eye....might be just personal preference.

I think what Steve is saying is true but I think the stuff just shrinks over time. And as much as I hate to say, nice taught canvas looks significantly better than stuff that shimmies in the breeze. Loose canvas looks sloppy.
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