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RE: Life Jackets for Kids

Aaron, *

Good advice abounds here concerning the use of PFDs for the kids, but I can't second Pineapple Girl's advice strong enough. The loop on the PFD obviously makes retrieval a LOT easier, without the little one slipping out. *But paramount is the wearing of PFDs for all small children while on the docks-always!

I can't tell you the number of times each summer that I see small children walking/running down the docks with their guardians several feet away. *These same parents would never think of allowing their kids to run in a parking lot, but for some reason, once they're on a dock, they feel the kids are safe! I'm working with the port here to institute a program where there are vests available for kids prior to walking down the gangway to the dock, but when money's involved it's an uphill battle.

Last year, after a nice two hour cruise, I tied up and helped a friend and his two four year olds off the boat. *They all walked down the dock while I finished securing the boat. *I looked over and saw my friend fifty feet down the dock, on his knees. *I thought he may have fallen, as he's a big guy and normally wouldn't be down like that. *I ran over in time to see him fishing out one of the four year olds from the drink! The tyke tried to run around his dad and ran right off the dock and into the water!

The kids wear PFDs from the parking lot until they get back to the parking lot so the only issue was drying off the child's clothes before getting home to explain to Momma what happened! Without the PFDs....well maybe not so*fortunate.

Anyway, that's my two cents.

Brookings, Oregon
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