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Re: Someone stole my dinghy!!

Keith wrote:

The engine is locked to the dink with one of those locks that goes around the mounting screws ...
The pros can take those things off faster than you can put one on. I thought they worked too until my brand new motor vanished one night. The cops told me those things only keep the honest folks honest.

There used to be, maybe still is, a gang that was running from NW Washington down the coast to California, stealing dinks and motors along the way. They would have a guy in a boat cruise the marinas and another in a pickup to collect the loot.

Since marina dock gates open without a key from the waterside, they had easy pickings. I lost two motors and one dink. The second dink a season later they made too much noise and got scared off by a liveaboard.

Another time I found the wire lock cable had been partway cut in an attempt to steal the dink. Those multi stranded bike cables work great.
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