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Originally Posted by Moonstruck View Post
The modern inflatables are not that uncomfortable.
My wife and I would take that farther and say that with a modern inflatable, it's easy to forget you even have it on.

We carry an extra pair of auto/manual vest for guests, and like Don we require them to be worn at all times when the boat is underway. Also like Don, PFDs are required wearing in the diinghy. We have never had any reluctance on the part of our guests to wear them.

Except one. The guy who is largely reponsible for us getting into this kind of boating refuses to wear any kind of PFD when he's on our boat, which so far has been three times, I think. A lifetime boater, he has his own Mustang vest and brings it with him. But he won't wear it because it makes him feel like he's a little kid who has to wear one because mommy said so. For him, it's an image thing. Since he's never been on our boat for anything other than a short cruise in the bay, we've let him get away with it. But we probably shouldn't......
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